Beres, Michael. The President's Nemesis. Medallion Press: Platinum Imprint. July 2006. c.382p. ISBN 1-932815-73-2. $24.95. Fiction.

Forced into early retirement and then fired from his last menial job, Stanley Johnson is at loose ends. His life has not been easy: a son, born in 1975 on the same day someone tried to assassinate President Ford, was kidnapped on election day in 1980 and found in a shallow grave on the day President Reagan was shot; Stan’s wife later committed suicide. Most of the tragedies in his life seem to be connected to political events, and now, with a presidential election in the balance, Stan finds himself on the edge. When he discovers a child’s head in the dumpster outside his apartment, he comes apart. Surreal nightmares follow, sleep walking episodes, a series of mind-bending events that begin to propel him, puppetlike, toward the assassination of a presidential candidate. But is that what the powers manipulating him really want? Beres (Grand Traverse) goes one step beyond The Manchurian Candidate in this engrossing thriller, which sometimes seems too obvious but then foils expectations by twisting the reader’s mind along with that of the protagonist. Recommended for all popular fiction collections.

Library Journal, 131, no. 11 (June 15, 2006), 54-55.


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