Berry, Steve. The Romanov Prophecy. Ballantine. September 2004. c400p. ISBN 0-345-46005-7. $24.95. Fiction.

In his accomplished second thriller (after The Amber Room) Berry turns to another great historical mystery—the 1918 murder of Nicholas II and his family, skillfully blending fact with a contemporary tale of conspiracy. After the fall of communism, the Russian people have voted to restore the monarchy. Miles Lord, a black lawyer from Atlanta, has been hired by a mysterious cabal to pave the way for Stefan Baklanov, a Romanov by birth. When Lord discovers documents hinting at the survival of two of Nicholas’s children, he finds himself marked for death and on the run. Accompanied by a circus performer, Akilina (the “Eagle”), Lord follows a series of clues as he attempts to unravel one of Rasputin’s last prophecies, in which Lord now plays a crucial role as “the Raven.” Exciting action, an engrossing puzzle, and atmospheric settings make this a great read. Highly recommended for all public libraries.

LJ, 129, no. 12 (July 2004), 66.

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