Gross, Andrew. The Dark Tide. Morrow. Mar 2008. c448p. ISBN 978-0-06-114342-7. $25.95. Fiction.

In Gross's second solo thriller (after The Blue Zone and five best sellers cowritten with James Patterson), divorced detective Ty Hauck and recently widowed mother Karen Friedman stumble into a dangerous conspiracy. Karen's hedge-fund husband, Charles, died--or so everyone presumed--in a terrorist attack in New York City's Grand Central Station. Soon after, when Karen and her children are threatened by unknown sources, she uncovers shocking details regarding her husband's business: he had lost as much as half a billion of his clients' money in questionable investments, more yet is missing from offshore accounts, and individuals once connected to him are now being killed. With Karen's help, Lieutenant Hauck follows a trail that leads to empty oil tankers with falsified manifests, hit-and-run killers, advanced government security systems, and the British Virgin Islands. Gross knows how to spin a fast-paced plot with engaging characters. Karen and Ty are forced to undergo convincing transformations as they unveil one mystery after another. Though the twists may not surprise readers, most will enjoy the ride. Recommended for public libraries.

Library Journal, vol. 133, no. 2 (February 1, 2005).

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