Ludlum, Robert. The Sigma Protocol. St. Martin’s. Nov 2001. c528p. ISBN 0-312-27688-5. $27.95. Fiction.

Anna Navarro, special agent for the Justice Department, has been assigned to investigate the deaths of several eminent men, all advanced in age and all connected to a mysterious group called Sigma, founded in the last years of World War II. An accident brings her together with Ben Hartman, an American investment banker who is in Zurich investigating the death of his twin brother and finds himself the target of an assassination attempt. Who is Sigma, and why are some of its members being killed? More importantly, what grand project is in the works? Readers may find the answer to these questions simplistic: Sigma is a partnership of high ranking statesmen and industrialists, put together not only to spirit wealth out of Germany at the end of the war but also to stop Communism’s spread. Sigma’s goal is to make the world safe for capitalism, a corporation whose Board of Directors is in charge of Western history itself.Unfortunately, Ludlum’s latest novel (he died in March but left outlinies for more posthumous thrillers) is not one of his better efforts. Even the sparks that eventually fly between Anna and Ben seem tepid.

LJ, vol. 126, no. 17 (October 15, 2001), 108.

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