Reich, Christopher. The Runner. Delacorte. March 2000. c448p. ISBN: 0-385-33366-8. $26.95. Fiction.

Bestselling author Reich (Numbered Account) takes us back to post-World War II Germany in an historical thriller of the highest order. Attorney Devlin Judge, in Europe as a member of the International Military Tribunal to try the leaders of the Third Reich, is consumed instead by his desire to find Erich Seyss, the SS Major who cold-bloodedly murdered Judge’s older brother. Seyss, a former Olympic sprinter known as the White Lion, has escaped from a POW camp and has a mission of his own—an assassination plot that will disrupt Allied plans for the political future of Germany and the European continent. Judge soon discovers that other Americans are assisting the fugitive and that their treason extends to the highest levels of the military. Reich offers many pleasures, among them a masterful recreation of a past milieu, an engrossing story, and compelling characters of remarkable depth and complexity. Highly recommended.

LJ, 125, no. 5 (March 15, 2000), 129.

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