*Reizin, P. Z. Happiness for Humans. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2018. 304p. ISBN 978-1-4789-7426-0. $26. Fiction

Two Brits, both divorced and unknown to each other, are in for a rocky ride when an anonymous go-between hooks them up. Tom is trying to write a novel in Connecticut; Jen works for a tech company in London. Aidan and his friend Aislan are artificial intelligence (AI) entities who have escaped into the Internet and are becoming increasingly self-aware and sentient. Aidan aches to experience all that a human can—whether it's to eat ice cream or kiss—and wants "happiness for humans," particularly his tutor/companion Jen. Just when all seems on the verge of a happy ending (Tom and Jen click as only soul mates can), a third AI, Sinai, sent to annihilate the two escapees, arrives to wreak havoc for all. Because this is a very British book, readers should keep their search engines fired up; otherwise, words such as WHUFC, pillock, and bog rolls may leave them in the lurch. None of that, however, diminishes the humor. VERDICT Irreverent, zany, and hilarious, this debut romantic comedy for the digital age is a pure delight, sure to appeal to fans of Tom Perrotta, Nick Hornby, and Stephen Fry.

Library Journal, 142, no. 19 (November 15, 2017).

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