*Rosenfelt, David. Don't Tell A Soul. St. Martin's Minotaur. July 2008. c.320p. ISBN 978-0-312-37395-5. $24.95. Fiction.

Rosenfelt’s first stand-alone novel (after six Andy Carpenter mysteries, including Play Dead and Dead Center) is a riveting thriller that should boost him to best-seller status. Unjustly suspected of killing his wife in a boating accident, Tim Wallace, co-owner of a construction company, is shadowed by Jonathon Novack, a relentless homicide detective who knows in his gut he’s chasing a killer. Then, in a bar one New Year’s eve, Tim encounters a drunk who confesses to having murdered a woman three months earlier. When her death is linked to his wife’s, the first of many surprises to come, Tim goes on the run, pursued by Detective Novack and the FBI. As complications mount (even the President’s life will be at risk), Tim must unravel a horrifying plot featuring him as the mastermind of an unprecedented terrorist attack. Compelling twists and turns, a lightning-fast pace, and breathtaking suspense make this a harrowing ride, equal to James Patterson's or Harlan Coben's best. Marred only slightly by a conclusion that seems a bit rushed, the book deserves a wide audience and is highly recommended for popular fiction collections. [Library marketing campaign planned.--Ed.]

Library Journal, 133, no. 7 (April 15, 2008), 75.

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