Rucka, Greg. Private Wars. Bantam. Oct. 2005. c.432p. ISBN 0-553-80277-1. $24.00. Fiction.

In this latest installment of Rucka's "Queen and Country" series (after A Gentleman's Game), Special Ops agent Tara Chace is back in London, her unsanctioned mission in Saudi Arabia having been forgiven by her SIS handlers. Now, nine months after resigning to give birth to a daughter, she is offered a chance to reclaim her job. The leader of Uzbekistan is nearing death, and his son, Ruslan, and daughter, Sevara—the latter aided by Ahtam Zahidov, head of the secret police—are both maneuvering to succeed him. Tara’s mission? Get Ruslan and his two-year-old son out of Uzbekistan and back to England. But the head of the Foreign Office and the Chief of Service are locked in combat over four lost missiles and have a different goal. Tara has to appease both the CIA and the SIS, account for the missiles, arrange an exchange between Sevara and Ruslan, and avenge her torture byZahidov. Rucka provides an initial glossary to help with the numerous acronyms that, along with his use of real names and ongoing political events, lend his many-layered tale an air of authenticity. Suspenseful and action-packed, this spy thriller is recommended for public libraries.

LJ, vol. 130, no. 15 (September 15, 2005), 57.

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