Seymour, Gerald. A Line in the Sand. Simon & Schuster. August 2000. c400p. ISBN 0-684-85477-5. $25.00. Fiction.

Frank Perry’s new life spins out of control when he becomes the target of a terrorist threat. Several years earlier, as a salesman of engineering machinery to the Iranians, he had spied for the British, reporting on installations for chemical and biological weapons and ultimately betraying his friends, who were burned to death in a raid. Now, an assassin known as Anvil has trapped Frank in his home on the coast of Suffolk with his new wife and stepson, the people in the small village have turned against him, and the security service is using him as bait in an attempt to catch Iran with a smoking gun. In this character-driven thriller, Seymour, the author of 17 bestselling novels, weaves multiple points of view with professional skill—the host of characters are all unusually well drawn, distinct, and believable—and depicts the disintegration of Frank’s life with a master’s touch. Highly recommended.

LJ, vol. 125, no. 11 (June 15, 2000), 118-119.

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