*Seymour, Gerald. The Unknown Soldier. Overlook, dist. by Penguin Putnam. February 2005. c.400p. ISBN 1-58567-634-9. $24.95. Fiction.

British-born Caleb Hunt, recruited and trained in Afghanistan by al Qaeda, has been imprisoned for two years at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Having convinced intelligence specialists that he is an innocent taxi driver from Kabul, he is slated to be released. Before he can be turned over to the Afghanis for final processing, however, he escapes. Soon he is in the hands of men who lead him on a grueling journey into the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia, where he hopes to rejoin his terrorist “family” and complete a mission of terrifying devastation. Caleb is the ultimate horror for counter-intelligence officers—that unknown soldier who is “one of us,” a Westerner, yet an enemy. Author of 17 novels, Seymour (A Line in the Sand) constructs a complicated scenario with masterful clarity, following the actions of more than seven intriguing characters. As the suspense builds, an unsettling realization sinks in that the reader might have been sympathizing with a character who is a deadly terrorist. This intelligent, solidly entertaining thriller is highly recommended.

LJ, 130, no. 2 (February 1, 2005), 70.

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