Starling, Boris. Visibility. Dutton. March 2007. c366p. ISBN 978-0-525-94996-1. $25.95. Fiction.

In December 1952, during London’s “Great Fog,” a miasma that would claim thousands of lives, visibility in the city is down to mere feet. In this murky world, Herbert Smith, formerly of MI5, now a misfit in Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad, discovers that a drowning victim, a biochemist, was actually murdered. At an international conference on the day of his death, the scientist had approached three individuals involved in espionage—Herbert’s former boss at MI5, a Soviet journalist for Izvestia, and the ranking CIA officer under U.S. Embassy cover—and had offered to the highest bidder a secret that he claimed would change the world. As Herbert tries to solve the case, he finds himself drawn to Hannah Mortimer, a blind police diver and Holocaust survivor. When Herbert discovers two microdots and deciphers their coded message, he and Hannah find a connection that ultimately ties all these individuals together and threatens both their lives. British author Starling (Vodka) offers a topnotch espionage mystery that exudes atmosphere. Highly recommended for all popular fiction collections.

LJ, vol. 132, no. 4 (March 1, 2007), 78.

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