Thor, Brad. The First Commandment: A Thriller. Atria: S&S. August 2007. c.416p. ISBN 978-1-4165-4379-4. $25.00. Fiction.

Barely a month after the July 4th terrorist attacks on Manhattan (Takedown), counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath, the U.S. President’s dog of war, and his girlfriend, Tracy Hastings, come under a sniper attack that woundsTracy in the head. Determined to track down the sniper, Scot is shocked when the President orders him to back off. Unbeknownst to Harvath, the President had six months earlier violated the first commandment of the war on terror—never negotiate with terrorists. In order to avert a major disaster, he had approved the release of five of Guantánamo's most dangerous detainees. Now one of them is carrying out a series of brutal attacks on Harvath’s friends and family, basing his actions on the ten plagues in the book of Exodus. As one horrific attack follows another, Scot is faced with the unthinkable: he will have to commit treason if he hopes to save those he loves and survive a confrontation with one of the world’s most feared assassins. Always fast-paced and action-packed, Thor's novels have grown in moral and emotional resonance as Harvath demonstrates increasingly more depth and vulnerability. Sure to please his many fans and gain new ones; immensely satisfying and highly recommended for all public libraries.

Library Journal, vol. 132, no. 12 (July 2007), 86.

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