Wilson, Robert. The Hidden Assassins. Harcourt. Nov 2006. c.464p. ISBN 0-15-101239-3. $25. Fiction.

On June 6, 2006, a powerful explosion levels an apartment block in a nondescript area of Seville, Spain. Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón (introduced in The Blind Man of Seville) is assigned the case, which grows more complex once he learns there was a mosque in the apartment’s basement. The presiding investigative judge is philanderer Esteban Calderón, whose marriage to Inés, Falcón’s ex-wife, has gone bad. Falcón himself is in turmoil over his one-time lover Consuelo, who is now battling her own demons. Amid this psychological angst, the question becomes: Who was responsible for the bombing? Did the terrorists accidentally detonate the military-grade explosive, or was this an anti-Muslim attack? Although the psychological distress of some of minor characters occasionally distracts, British writer Wilson does an excellent job of laying out the elaborate investigative procedures to be followed after a major terrorist attack. And, as in his earlier works (e.g., The Vanished Hand), his characters lead dramatically disturbing inner lives. For popular fiction collections.

Library Journal, 131, no. 15 (September 15, 2006), 52.

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