*Robert Wilson. You Will Never Find Me. New York: Europa Editions, 2015. 448p. ISBN 978-1-60945-254-4. Paperback original. $17. Fiction

The second crime novel in the "Charles Boxer" series (after Capital Punishment) finds Boxer, a kidnap consultant, once again working with his ex-partner, DI Mercy Danquah of the Kidnap and Special Investigations Unit in London. This time the stakes are personal. Amy, their runaway 17-year-old daughter, is convinced she’s managed her escape so well that they will never find her. While Boxer pursues a lead that takes him to a dismembered body in Madrid and, by novel’s end, into the hands of a violent drug lord, Mercy buries herself in police work, determined to save ten-year-old Sasha Bobkov, kidnaped by Russian thugs with ties to the FSB (the Russian successor to the Soviet KGB). Will Boxer have to sacrifice his own life to save both children or is he already too late? VERDICT Perhaps best known for his "Javier Falcón" series (A Small Death in Lisbon was a Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger winner) along with other award-winning crime novels, Wilson is at the top of his form in this beautifully crafted thriller, with gripping cliffhangers, great villains, superb suspense, a spectacular twist, and characters portrayed with startling psychological depth.

Library Journal, 140, no. 5 (March 15, 2015), p. 97.

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