Terpening Genealogy

The following record includes over thirteen generations leading down to Ronnie H. Terpening. While this record begins with Huybert Lambertse, several lines extend at least one generation further back. They can be found below by following the parents (indented paragraphs) of some of the lines originating with females.

1st Generation

Huybert Lambertse + Jantsen Joosten

Died before 28 Nov 1660

Extant Document: Protocol van Vestenisse Wageningen 1660: Enjoined at the Archives of the Kingdom at Arnhem.

"Jantsen Joosten, widow of Huybert Lambertse, assisted by Claes Jansen, chosen by her as her representative in rights, for one moiety, and Lambert Huyberts, Peter Huyberts and the above named Claes Jansen as the husband and the representative in right of his wife Gysbertjen Huyberts and also representing the minor brothers and sisters of his wife, all heirs of the late Huybert Lambertse, their father, for the other moiety, declare to have sold, transported and given in plain possession to Gerrit Hindercamp and Aeltjen Foenissen, his wife, and their heirs, a certain house and garden situated on Dolderbrinck, in the neighborhood of Wageningen, etc." Here follows the description. It is declared to be "a free and heired estate." Dated 28 November, 1660. Source: "Lineage of the Brink Family," Olde Ulster 2:4 (April 1906) pp. 113-121. Children: LAMBERT b: 1638 in Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands; Peter; Gysbertjen

2nd Generation

Lambert Huybertse + Hendrickje Cornelis Van De Cuyl

Lambert: b. 1638 in Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Died before 11 April 1702 in Hurley, Ulster, NY.

Married Hendrickje (b. ca 1635 in Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands) in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

See Robert Borreson, "Direct Terpening Descendants of two Dutch Immigrants to New Netherland," LDS film # 1421918.

Will executed on 12 Feb 1695/1696. Proved on 11 Apr 1702. Transferred property to Cornelis Cool (son-in-law) on 9 Mar 1702.

Name: LDS Ancestral File ID G442-CB (Lambert Huybertse Brink 1629-1702) is a match; LDS Ancestral File ID 9ND4-30 (Lambert Huybertse) is a match.

Lambert leased land in Hurley from the Governor under King Charles II in 1661. In 1708, one of the sons of Lambert assumed the name Brinck (Brink). The stone walls of the original house he built in Old Hurley can still be seen, with a brick addition added in 1842.

In a codicil to the will of Luis DuBois dated 27 Feb 1695/6, the Lambert Huybertse farm in Hurley is referred to as a boundary to land owned by DuBois. This implies that Lambert was still living (from Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665-1707, pages 463 & 464: Liber 5-6 page 173). Lambert, his wife, and two children appear on the passenger list for DE TROUW, 13 DEC 1660. Lambert Heybertsin is listed among those taking an oath of allegiance in Ulster County on 1 Sep 1689 (from E. B. O'Callaghan, M.D., The Documentary History of the State of New-York (Albany, New York: Weed, Parsons & Co., 1850), vol. 1, p. 173. A "1687 List of Soldiers in Esopus" includes Lambert Hiberson, Corneles Lamberon, Huybert Lambertson (see http:// scott.lib.asu.edu/gene/ genealogy/1687esop.html ).

Hendrickje: LDS Ancestral File Id: 9ND4-45 (Hendrikje Cornelis). Hendrickje was taken captive by Indians in the 2nd Esopus War in June of 1663, along with 3 of her children. They were captured on June 7, 1663 and were held for three months. The last of the captives were released in Dec 1663. Biography: De Halve Maen, vol 57, #1.

Father: Cornelis Barentse Van de Cuyl (b. 1615 in Wageningen d. 1706). Mother: Lysbet Arentse (b. 1615 in Wageningen d.1676). Sisters: Annetje m. Cornelis Vernooy (they emigrated on the ship Geelove "Faith" on 20 Jan 1664). Jacomyntje m. Jan Barentse Kunst on 14 Mar 1663--she was his 2nd wife).

Children of Lambert and Hendrickje: Huybert (b 1658/1659 in Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands), Jannetje (b 1659/1660 in Wageningen), Cornelius (b Dec 1660 in "De Trouw," At Sea, Atlantic Ocean), Hendrick (b in Hurley, New Netherlands), Lysbeth (b in Hurley, Ulster, NY), GERRET, Pieter (b in Hurley).

3rd Generation

Gerret Lambertzen + Antje [Anna] Dirckse Hoogland

Gerret: Conflicting birth dates. According to Gustav Anjou, Gerret was born ca 1645 in Bunschoten, Holland. He arrived in New Amsterdam (i.e., New York) in 1663 at the age of 18. His employer was J. B. Van Rensselar.

More likely, as others claim, he was born ca 1668\1670 in Hurley, Ulster, NY, christened 26 Jan 1670 in Hurley. He died after 1713.

m. Antje Dirckse Hoogland ca 1690\91 in Freerville, Ulster, NY (her third marriage).

Gerret is mentioned in the early records of New Amsterdam on 5 March 1664 when he acted as sponsor to the child Theunis, son of Jan Theuniszen and wife Marie Jans (New York Dutch Church Record, p. 72). Gerret named his own son after Theunis. Lived in Esopus (now Kingston), Ulster County, N.Y.; 1st mentioned in court records in 1671 (1897 Yearbook of the Holland Society of N.Y., p. 126). Resided at Marbletown, then a village near Kingston, and at New Paltz, a Huguenot settlement near Kingston. Last found reference refers to him and Jan Teerpenning paying 5 pounds in taxes (Lefevre, History of New Paltz, p. 89).

Antje was born 1663 in Bedford, Long Island, Queens, NY. See Roswell Randall Hoes, Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York 1660-1809 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1891; 1997 Reprint), p. 507, #69. LDS Ancestral File ID JHXG-5H (Antje Hougland) is a match; LDS Ancestral File ID LP01-NM (Antje Hooglandt) is a match; LDS Ancestral File ID 3S3M-7V (Annetje Hoogland ) is a match.

Gerret and Antje's five children (see 4th Generation) all adopted the name Teerpenning.

Antje was the daughter of

Dirck Jansen Hoogland b: 1635 in Maerseveen, Holland; d in Flatbush, Long Island, NY. LDS Ancestral File ID H2FN-QJ (Drick Van Hooglant) is a match; named Derick Johnson Hooglandt in " Patent for the Town of Flatbush" dated 12 Nov 1685, from Strong's history of Flatbush, p. 41. Dirck came to this country ca 1657 (as seen by the census of 30 Sept 1687 in which Dirck was said to have been here about thirty years. The first record of Dirck in this country is his marriage in Flatbush, NY, on 8 Oct 1662. During his life Dirck acquired several plots of land in and around Flatbush and Bedford, NY, and lived on at least two of them at different times. On 25 Aug 1668 a deed was recorded in Midwout wherein Balthasaer DeHart sold to Derck Jansen Hoghglant a "bowery" amounting to ca 26 morgen (a morgen was approx 2 acres) on which there was a house in which Dirck lived for some time. The ownership of this property was passed to his sons Jan and then Willem. Son of

Jan Hoogland, b. ca 1603.

Annatje (Anneken) Hansen, bapt. 22 July 1640, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. Witnesses: d'Hr. Willem Kieft, Teuntje Jeurgien. Widow of Jan Clercq of Midwout. Married Dirck Hoogland 8 Oct 1662 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New Netherlands. Daughter of

Hans Hansen Bergen, b 1610/1615 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Died 30 May 1654 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.

"Hans Hansen, from Bergen, Norway, is the common ancestor of the Bergen family of Long Island, New Jersey and their vicinity. He was a ship carpenter by trade, went from Norway to Holland, and thence, in 1633, to New Amsterdam. In the records his name appears in various forms most commonly Hans Hansen Noorman, Hans Hansen Boer. He is one of the exceptions among the Norwegian settlers in New Amsterdam in so far that he has been mentioned frequently in books and papers as being a Norwegian, and that an entire book has been written about him and his descendants (Teunis G. Bergen, Descendants of Hans Hartsen Bergen, one of the early settlers of New York, with notes on other Long Island families, New York, 1866; enlarged edition, 1876). The assertion which has sometimes been made that Hans Hansen was at the head of an expedition of Dutch and Norwegians who crossed the Hudson, and settled where the present Jersey City is, is false. It has also been asserted that Bergen in New Jersey was called after Hans Hansen Bergen. But this statement is equally false. For Bergen in New Jersey was named after Bergen op Zoom (there is a Bergen in Holland and in Germany as well as in Norway). Hans Hansen had no property on the west of the Hudson where Bergen lay. Bergen in New Jersey was founded after his death. Hans Hansen married, in 1639, in New Amsterdam, Sarah, daughter of Joris Jansen Rapalje of Walloon ancestry. She was born June 9, 1625, at Albany, and was probably the first female child born of European parentage in the colony of New Netherland. Many children were born to Hans and Sarah. The records of the Dutch Reformed church in New Amsterdam state when they were baptized and who acted as their sponsors. The children were: Anneken, baptized July 22, 1640; Brecktje, baptized July 27, 1642; Jan, baptized April 17, 1644, one of the sponsors being the Norwegian woman from Marstrand, Anneke Jans, at that time the wife of the Dutch pastor in New Amsterdam, Rev. Bogardus; Michiel, baptized November 4, 1646, one of whose sponsors was Pieter Jansen Noorman, a Norwegian; Joris, baptized July 18, 1649; Marretje, baptized October 8,1651; Jacob, baptized September 21, 1653; Catalyn, a twin with Jacob, baptized November 30, 1653. Hans Hansen, we find, acted as sponsor for the child of a Norwegian, Laurens Pietersen Noorman, June 1, 1642. On July, 1638, the following agreement for the cultivation of a tobacco plantation on Manhattan Island was made between Andries Hudde and Hans Hartsen Norman:

Conditions and stipulations agreed to between Hudde and Hans Hansen Norman, on the ninth day of July, 1638, as follows: First, the said Andries Hudde shall by first opportunity ships from Holland send hither to Hans Hansen aforesaid six or eight persons with implements required for the cultivation of tobacco. Hans Hansen shall be bound to place the said persons upon the flatland on the Island of the Manhates behind the Corlears land. Hudde shall bear the expense of the transportation and engaging them and shall send the vouchers for these expenses with them. Hans Hunsen shall also be bound to furnish as many dwellings and tobacco houses, as the time may permit; further to put to work the persons, who shall come from the Fatherland, for the profit of both of them. Hans Hansen shall also have authority over them in Hudde's absence without interference by anybody else. He shall further bear and repay one half of the expenses, incurred by said Hudde. In like manner he must provide such supply of victuals, as shall be necessary for so many persons, on condition that Andries Hudde shall likewise repay one half of the expenses incurred here by Hans Hansen. Mons. Hudde shall also be bound to pay Hans Hansen for his industry whatever impartial men shall deem to be just. Likewise Hudde shall not be allowed to demand from said Hans Hunsen any rent for the land, but shall assist in every way with the means, which he has here, if he does not require them and is not prevented and all this until Hudde's return, when further arrangements shall be made. For what is above written, parties pledge their persons and property real and personal, present and future submitting to the Provincial Court of Holland and all other Courts, Judges and Justices, all in good faith without reservation or deceit. Thus done at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland, the 10th of July Anno 1688. A. Hudde. (Signatures of Hans Hansen.) aforesaid.

Under date of July 18, 1638, Hans Hansen gave power of attorney to Wouter van Twiller, the Director of New Netherland. On March 13, 1647, he acquired a lot south of Fort Amsterdam "between Jan Snedeker and Joris Rapalje," that is, next to his father-in-law. On March 30, in the same year, he acquired land on Long Island "on the kill of Joris Rapalyey bounded by Lambert Huybertsen's, Jan the Swede's plantation and by Mespath Kill as far as Dirck Volkertsen." This was at the head of the Kill of Mespath (Indian name for Newton), or Newton Creek, in a section called by the Dutch "t Kreuppelbosch," now corrupted Cripple Bush. The grant amounted to 400 acres. Hans Hansen was a respectable citizen, and this was stated as the cause for his being acquitted when found guilty of smuggling in 1648. The records say (May 26, 1648): "Pardon of Hans Hansen, for fourteen years a respectable resident in New Amsterdam, on a charge of having aided in smuggling, on condition that he beg pardon of God and the court." He died probably early in 1654. His widow later became the wife of Teunis Gysbert Bogert. In 1656, in a petition asking for a grant of land, she described herself as the first born Christian daughter in New Netherland. Hans Hansen as well as his wife and her parents never learned to write, signing their names with marks, as the great majority of the inhabitants of New Amsterdam did." From "Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674," pp. 102-105.

Father: Hans Nilsen, b ca 1582 in Osthammar's Brul, Norway

Mother: Marta Jonasdotter, b ca 1580

Sarah Jorise Rapalje, b 9 June 1625 in Fort Orange, New Netherlands. Probably the first child born in New Amsterdam of European parentage. Married Hans Hansen Bergen 1639 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. Had eight children: Annatje (Anneken), Breckje, Jan, Michael, Joris, Marritje, Jacob, and Catalyntje. May have died ca 1685.

Father: Joris Jansen Rapalje [Joris Jansen De Rapalje (Rapalye, Rapalie, De Rapalie, Rapelle): Valenciennes, French Flanders; New Netherland (1623); Fort Orange, Albany NY; New Amsterdam; Wallabout, Brooklyn NY (1837); d. 1662 Wallabout, Brooklyn NY. See Peter Steven Gannon and Jane Hawkes Liddell, "The Assimilation of Huguenots in Western Long Island," Huguenot Refugees in the Settling of Colonial America, ed. Peter Gannon (New York: Huguenot Society of America, 1985), and, in particular, pp. 337, 356.] 

Mother: Catalyntje Jeronimus Trico, b 1606 in Priches, Hainault, Belgium

4th Generation

Brechje Teerpenning Teunis Teerpenning + Margrieta De Graaf Klaartjen Teerpenning Jan Teerpenning Dirrick Teerpenning

All but Teunis were born in Marbletown, Ulster, NY.

Teunis: born in Kingston, Ulster, NY

bapt. 7 Feb 1697, Kingston, Ulster, NY

died after 6 May 1746 in Kingston, Ulster, NY

m. Margrieta De Graaf, a French Huguenot, 30 Aug 1718, in Kingston, Ulster, NY

church: Reformed Dutch

residences: Kingston, NY; Mormel, Ulster County, NY

Teunis (or Theunis) occupation: farmer

will dated 6 May 1746, proved 17 Nov 1748 ["In the name of God, Amen, May 6, 1746, I Tunis Terpenning, of Kingston, in Ulster County, being sick. My wife Grietie is to remain in full possession of my estate till my youngest child is of age. I leave to my son Gerritt a choice of horses or cows, as he is my first born. I leave to my sons, Jacobus, Abraham, and Hendricus, all my farm where I live, situate upon Hudson River in Kingston, and all that tract of land, being 171 acres, conveyed to me by the Trustees of Kingston by deed, April 6, 1745. My wife is to have (Pounds) 7 per annum. My sons Jacobus, Abraham, and Hendricus are to pay my other children, Gerritt, Ester, wife of Robert Hanna, Mary, wife of Petrus Van Allen, Bridget, Hannah, and Elizabeth, (Pounds) 120. I make my wife Grietie, and my son Jacobus, executors. Witnesses, Martinus Van Alen, Dirck Terpenning, Jacob Terpenning. Proved November 17, 1748."] (New York State Wills, vol 16, p. 372) (see also "Calendar of Wills 1626-1836," Genealogical Publishing Co., p. 386, #1703).

buried Terpening Cemetery, near Eospus, Ulster, NY

LDS Ancestral File ID LP01-Q0 (Teunis Lamersse) is a match.; LDS Ancestral File ID T9SD-ZG (Theunis Teerpenning) is a match.

Dirk (Dirrick), Jan, and Theunis were possibly the three brothers who by family tradition came to America from Holland because of the Black Death. Sources: Roswell Randall Hoes, Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, 1660-1809 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1891; 1997 Reprint), p. 49, #946; p. 535, #392.

Margrieta: bapt. 3 Oct 1697, the daughter of Moses De Graaf and Hestser Le Maister, in Kingston, Ulster, NY; died after 1746. Name: LDS AF version 4.17 AFN T9SL-0L, Margriet La Conti is a match. Her parents:

Moses De Graaf b: 13 Mar 1660 in Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands. Died after 1714 in NY. The name De Graaf is the Dutch/German translation of the French "Le Count"; LDS AF version 4.17 AFN 18LG-GTX (Moses Le Count), AFN 18MH-JTJ (Moses Le Counte), AFN 1CXV-4ZX (Moses Le Counte) are matches. Biography: Records of New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church: witness to baptism on 21 Apr 1680, Moses La Contre - parents Jean de Mareetz, Jacomyntie Druwen; child - Jacomyntie; other witnesses - Maria Dreune.

Hester Le Maistre b: in Harlem, New Netherlands (Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York 1660-1809, p. 51, #997). Moses and Hester were married in Harlem, New Netherlands. They had nine children ( Maria, Jan, Esther, Susanna, Abraham, Margrieta, Boudewyn, Jannetje, and Rachel). Hester Le Maistre died after 5 May 1723. Surname variations include Le Maitre, Lemaster, Delameter, De La Maistre, and De Lamater (for the latter two, see Huguenot Refugees in the Settling of Colonial America, p. 336, 356).

Father of Moses: Jean Le Counte, died 24 May 1675 in Harlem, Kings, NY. Mother: Mary Laurens.

Father of Hester: Claude Le Maistre b: ca 1610 in Richebourg, Artois, France. Mother: Hester Dubois b: 1625 in Canterbury, England.

Claude Le Maistre died ca 1683 in Harlem, NY. On 23 July 1664, 17 Harlem residents of both sexes had their names transferred to the register of the church at Fort Amsterdam, among those listed were "Claude le Maistre and Hester du Bois his wife." Earlier, in the 1640s, according to Riker, he "fled as a refugee to Amsterdam, probably with his [first] wife, Joanne DeLannoy. She must have died, for he married at Amsterdam on April 24, 1652, Hester DuBois. He migrated to New Netherland later that year and settled at Flatbush, L.I. He worked as a carpenter. In 1661 he applied for land on Staten Island, but removed to Harlem, N.Y. instead. He served four terms as a magistrate at Harlem between 1666 and 1673. He bought two allotments of land from Daniel Tourneur for which he took out a patent June 25, 1668. In 1675 he was chosen a deacon, but his sympathies were with the French church and service, whence arose the controversy with the town regarding the parish clerk's salary, which so disturbed his latter years. If impetuous, Claude was not incapable of generous acts when approached kindly, and his obstinacy in maintaining what he conceived to be his rights can hardly be deemed a defect in his character. He died circa 1683, his years having exceeded three score and ten. Claude DeLamater, or LeMaistre as he was then called, had issue with his second wife Hester as follows: Jan, Abraham, Isaac, Susannah, HESTER and Jacobus. (James Riker, History of Harlem, [1904], p. 493).

Hester Dubois was born in 1625 in Canterbury, England. She was christened 9 Oct 1625. Married Claude le Maistre 24 April 1652 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. Died 1710. Hester was of a Huguenot family that came to New Netherland in 1652 (The NY Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. XCIV, p. 129, July 1963).

Father: Pierre Dubois b: 1 OCT 1598 in Canterbury, Kent, England. [Du Bois, Pierre: Artois (French Flanders); England; New Amsterdam, NY (1652); New Harlem, NY; d. New Harlem, NY (Hueguenot Refugees in the Settling of Colonial America, p. 338).]
Mother: Catherine Clarisse.

5th Generation

Hester Marytjen Gerrit Jacobus Abraham Hendricus Terpenning + Maria Van Aaken Brechje Annaatjen Elizabeth

Hendricus bapt. 24 Dec 1732 Kingston, Ulster, N.Y., witnessed by Hendricus Deyo and Griebjen Van Bommel (Hoes#4138).

m. 21 Oct 1758, Maria (Anneke) Van Aaken (Hoes, p. 614 #1337).

church: Reformed Dutch

occupation: farmer

d. 1783 (after Dec 13) in Shawangunk, Ulster, NY

Hendricus inherited one third of his father's property and seems to have prospered because his will refers to rents, issues and profits, and to their division. His first few children were baptized at the Kingston Church, and later children at the New Hurley Church. On the roll of military service in the Revolutionary War, Ulster County Militia, First Regiment under Col. Johannes Snyder, also a Lieutenant in Col. Albert Pawling's Regiment. (DAR-671, Deyo C-10); sgr. Kingston as "H"; (Syl); ens. 1st Ulster 2nd Co. 10-25-75, 2nd Lt. 11-4-78 (F-298); Lt. (R-187) /Wynkoop-Swart & Van Buren (F-486, 487); +/- Levies (R-82)/Graham (CP 2/66)/Pawling-VanAken (F-487); to Highlands 10-28-76 (Sch-238). Ref: Teerpenning, Terpenning, Terpening in "DAR Patriot Index." Probably the Hendrick Terpenning listed in Saratoga battle participants (<http://www.rootsweb.com/~nysarato/sarapkt.htm#T>) "TERPENNING, Hendrick, NY, 1st Lieut., Graham's Dutchess/Ulster Cos. NY Reg., Glover's Brigade. Source Code SN01."

Will NY Hist. Soc. Abstr., vol 13, p.226-27 13 Dec 1783; proved 18 Oct 1785. See also New York State Wills, vol 38, p 225. Will record lists children Levi, Morenis, Eleazer, Moses, David, Margaret, Jeseinte, Rachel, Elizabeth. Witness and Executor to Will was Boudewyn Terpening (probably his cousin, son of Dirck). Will book spells his last name as Taerpenning (Calendar of Wills, p. 396 #1751). Original will on file at the Court of Appeals, Albany, NY. See Hoes, p. 193, #4138.

Maria Van Aaken b 25 Dec 1742 in Kingston, Ulster, NY

christened 25 Dec 1742, Kingston, Ulster, NY

died 23 Aug 1791.

Daughter of Marinus (or Marynus) Van Aken (Captain in the Revolutionary War) and Margaret Deyo. (See Ulster Co. in Revolution, p.238; Olde Ul, V,p. 88, 220. Deyo Fam). Surname also spelled Van Auken. Marinus christened 11 Sept 1709 Kingston, Ulster, NY. Married Margriet DeJoos (Deyo) 2nd wife on 22 Aug 1740 in Kingston, Ulster, NY. Children: MARIA, Jesyntjen, Eliphas, Judik, Sophia, Lydia, Margriet.

Margaret's parents: Christian Deyo b April 1681. Maria De Graaf.

6th Generation

Daniel Margriet Levi Terpenning + Catherine Gee Josyntje Marinus Maria Rachel Elias Elizabeth Moses David Scientha

Levi born 8 June 1762 in Kingston, Ulster, NY

bapt. 11 July 1762, Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y., sponsors Gerrit Terpening, Annetje Beem (Hoes, #7092)

m. Catharine Gee (mother of 1st six children); m. 1796 Anna Cole (mother of 2nd six children)

residences: Ulster and Cortland Counties, N.Y.

church: Reformed Dutch Church

d. 24 Nov 1835, buried 26 Nov, New Hurley, Ulster, N.Y. Buried in New Hurley Reformed Dutch Church Graveyard 26

Will dated 18 Nov 1835.

Levi was a private from Orange County, NY. Served in the 4th Regiment late in the Revolutionary War (p.167). Levi moved to Cortland County, NY about 1812. On 2 Nov 1812 he bought land in Virgil, NY and is mentioned as "Levi Terpenning of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY." It is possible that he never lived in Cortland County but only purchased land there. He does not appear in the 1830 federal census for Cortland County, further proof that he was the Levi who died in New Hurley in 1835. His sons Henry, Marinus and Noah Terpenning do appear in the 1830 census for Cortland County. Ref: Baptismal & Marriage Registrar of Old Dutch Church,Kingston,NY (Hoes #1891); Ref: "Ulster County, NY" Clearwater, Pt.1, p. 34c; Ulster County Census 1790; Ref: "Olde Ulster," vol.5, pp. 29, 30, 86, 88, Kingston Church Records, Ulster County, NY, Part 1, p.32.

Catherine Gee b 1783, New Hurley, Ulster, NY. Daughter of

William Gee and Martha Turner d. 1793\96. William Gee was a Major in the Revolutionary War. Ref: Robert Gee, "The Gee Family of Westchester and Dutchess Counties, N.Y.," New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 113, no.2 (April 1982).

2nd wife Anna Cole, b. 26 Feb 1768 in New Hurley, Ulster, NY; married ca 1795; d. 16 Dec 1841; buried at New Hurley, N.Y.

7th Generation

Martha Noah Isaac Henricus Terpenning + Sarah Byram Marinus William J. Rachel Maria Catherine Saartje Anne Levi

Henricus b. 25 Dec 1787 in New Hurley, Ulster, NY

bapt. 13 Jan 1788, New Hurley, N.Y.

m. 1st Sarah ("Sally") Byram, 15 April 1810 in Binghamton, Broome, New York (mother of 1st ten children). She died 14 Jan 1846.

m. 2nd Hester Palmontier Barton (mother of 11th child). She was born in 1808 in New York and died 14 April 1884.

residences: Virgil, Cortland County, N.Y. in 1814 and Cortlandville, N.Y. in 1830

church: Reformed Dutch Church

d. 6 May 1870, Virgil, Cortland County, N.Y. Buried Cortlandville, Cortland, New York

Henricus was a banker. He served as an Ensign and 2nd Lt, Dutchess County NY, 1st Regiment (Roberts [1899], p.187). See also Ferrow's Archives of NY, p. 298. Death Certificate (Copy) on file with DAR #498511, see also #282501. Copy of Deed of Property to Josiah B. Terpening on file with DAR #498511. His sons William Henry, Josiah Byram and John went West together. Josiah and William Henry had adjoining farms in Henry County, Illinois in 1864.

Sarah Byram b. 31 March 1792, Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont. Surname also spelled Byrum.

d. 14 January 1846, Virgil, Cortland, NY.

Parents: George Byram b 15 May 1767, Bridgewater Massachusetts

Phebe Randall (Mayflower Line) b 1769, d 1842.

Daughter of Enoch Randall and Phebe Tinkham b 1746, m. 1766. Enoch descended from:

Douty Randall and Elizabeth Tillson. Douty descended from:

John Randall descended from:

William Randall Jr. descended from:

William Randall and Elizabeth Carver

daughter of Richard Carver

Phebe Tinkham descended from:

Ebenezer Tinham (b 1698) and Jane Pratt (m. 1736)

Hezikiah Tinham (b 1655) and Ruth (d. 1739)

Ephraim Tinkham (1616-1663\64) and Mary Brown (m. ca 1643)

Peter Brown (d 1627\31) and Martha Ford (m. 1624).

Peter Brown was the 33rd signer of the Mayflower Compact.

8th Generation

Andrew Henry Anna Levi V. Josiah Byram William Henry Terpening + Eliza Ann Mason Catherine Andrew Rosina John R. Mary Augusta

William Henry b. 22 April 1818, Virgil Corners, Cortland, NY

m. 18 June 1839, Eliza Ann Mason, Brownsville, Union, Indiana

occupation: millwright, carpenter, farmer

residences: Cortland County, N.Y.; Union and Fayette Counties, Indiana; moved to Illinois in 1851; Knox County, IL, Henry County, IL, Union County, Iowa; Republic County, Kansas.

d. 17 May 1901 on a farm near Cuba, Fairview, Kansas

buried in the Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Republic, Kansas (lot 154)

William Henry's obituary from the Belleville Telescope, Friday, 24 May 1901: "Wm. H. Terpening was born in Virgil, Cortland County, New York, April 22, 1818.During the early years of his life he moved from New York to Indiana and there married Miss E. A. Mason. With his family he moved to Illinois, then to Iowa and from there to Kansas. They raised a family of ten children all of which survive him. His life was not an exceptional one, but he had the usual ups and downs of life and closed his earthly existence May 17, 1901, at his home in Fairview tp., Republic County, Kansas. His death was due to heart disease and dropsy. His wife died about a year ago. Besides his children he leaves a large number of friends to mourn his death." Gravestone reads: May 17, 1901, aged 83 years, 25 days "Being dead he yet speaketh"

Eliza Ann Mason b. 4 May 1816 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; d. in Cuba, Kansas, 24 Sept 1900 (gravestone says 25 Sept 1900) and is buried with her husband. She may have been related to George Mason (1725-1792), the principal author of the Virginia constitution and Declaration of Rights (1776), which influenced the U.S. Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Member of the Federal Constitutional Convention (1787). His Bill of Rights formed the basis for the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. If so, Eliza Ann's nephew, Reason Mason, died in the Custer Massacre.

Father: George Mason b 26 April 1783 in Pennsylvania, d 1867. Mother: Catherine Sloop b 19 Jan 1787, d 29 Jan 1829

9th Generation

Martha Angeline Missouri Adaline George Andre Clinton Willoughby Francis Alonzo Melissa Alvira Minnie Arabell Marion Clifford Terpening + Sylvia Hoffstetter Charles Sobieski Mary Elizabeth

Marion Clifford b. 23 Jan 1856, Union, Iowa.

m. Sylvia Hoffstetter, 20 March 1881, mother of 1st eight children; m. Eva May Dunn, 20 April 1934, mother of 9th child

d. 20 April 1934, Seattle, King, Washington

Sylvia Amelia Hoffstetter d 1920\1925 in North Dakota. Buried Arvilla, Grand Forks, ND

Marion Clifford was known as the Potato King of North Dakota. He had many acres of potatoes planted in New Rockford, North Dakota (Ref: Letter from Myron Terpening, grandson of Marion, from Grants Pass, Oregon).

10th Generation

Guy C. Dora Ralph John Charles Terpening + Olga May Kellert Ruth S. Neva Glenn Grace Francis Alvin

John Charles b. 17 Sept 1893 in North Dakota. Called Fritz.

m. Olga May Kellert

d. 12 Jan 1953, Nisqually River Bridge on Interstate 5, Washington state

occupation: contractor, owner of construction company Terpening & Sons; farmer. Worked on Grand Coulee Dam and many bridges in Washington state. Died hauling a pile driver from Portland, Oregon, to Ferndale, Washington, when the truck he was driving went off the Nisqually River Bridge, which he had built himself years earlier.

Olga May Kellert d. ca 1955 in Ferndale, Washington ( 2nd husband: Ed Weeden).

11th Generation

Harold Russell Terpening + Darlene Elizabeth Swartz Myron Earl

Harold Russell b. 29 Oct 1918, Port Huron, Michigan

m. 4 April 1942 Darlene Elizabeth Swartz

d. Jan 1985, Salem, Oregon

occupation: minister, evangelist, construction superintendent, farmer. Worked on Grand Coulee Dam and many structures throughout Washington and in Portland, Oregon (including the gym at what was then Portland State College, now University).

Darlene Elizabeth Swartz b. 23 April 1923, Spokane, Washington (2nd husband: Howard Herman, attorney)

Daughter of George Swartz (17 Nov 1892, Bothel, WA - 17 Feb 1981, Spokane, WA) and Iola Utterback (7 July 1893, Vandalia, MO - 2 Feb 1989, Spokane, WA), who were married on 7 Oct 1919.

Granddaughter of Peter and Kathleen Swartz (paternal) and Everett Leister Utterback and Elizabeth Ralston (maternal).

12th Generation

Larry Russell Ronnie Harold Terpening Billy Wayne Mary Elizabeth

Ronnie Harold b. 3 May 1946, Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington

occupation: professor of Italian, University of Arizona, Tucson